Cinematographic Combat

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Since 2005 Cemil Uylukçu has been working as a fight choreographer in movies and TV series in Turkey. In 2007 he worked with Tony Leung, who is the president of the "Hong Kong Stuntman Association" and an action director. Within this period he learned how to use his existing martial arts background in the fight choreographies more efficiently. Furthermore, he received training on Hong Kong action techniques, stunt coordination, using of wire-works (steel cable) within the action and reaction techniques.

The stages of a cinematographic fight scene by Cemil Uylukçu:

1) Examining the scenario: A general misconception, especially in our country is that an ordinary character in the scenario fights with "Kung-Fu" techniques. But the main task of a fight choreographer is to examine the scenario as a whole, then to determine the appropriate "fighting nature" for the character and to maintain it steadily.

2) Choreography design: The stage that comes after the fighting nature of the character is determined. The choreography of the scene which is designed generally, takes its final form during the set after it is explained to the actors and actresses.

3) Actor/actress training: Before the choreography work, which is determined according to the physique of the actor/actress and the fighting nature of the character he/she plays, he/she is taught the "screen fight". The goal of the choreographic fight is to perform safe and realistic scenes by preventing the actors/actresses from hurting each other or themselves. The main point here is that they simulate a real martial artists abilities instead of being one.

4) Stunt training: The training for the supporting actors/actresses and stunts - other than the main characters - who play a part in the fight scene. Techniques of basic reactions, taking punches/kicks, falling down and the uses of these techniques in the choreography are taught. It should not be forgotten that in a cinematographic fight scene, the task falls to the stunt who reacts, instead of the actor who acts, and this is a very important element which makes the scene realistic.

5) Set - Choreography Coordination: Before the scene is filmed, the final form of the choreography with regard to the location is determined. While shooting the scene, it will be ensured that the actors/actresses and the stunts perform the scene safe and realistically and in the best way according to the choreography.

Cemil UYLUKÇU - Fight Choreographer