proWES Security Programs

In This Section

proWES Security programs constitute a realistic education method, which brings the security staff the ability to control, to handcuff and to transfer the attacker with the fastest and easiest way and without harming him/her.


Besides the basic self defense techniques, these programs teach to protect the areas or people that need to be protected with a reasonable strategy and without neglecting the psychology of the attacker by controlling the stress, fear and adrenaline. This education also teaches the security staff to deal with a dangerous situation as a team with cooperation and collaboration.


These programs, providing self confidence and fast decision-making, sudden and reasonably behaving ability to their practitioners, can be conveyed to the security staff by the expert instructors easily and without the need of having a foundation.



Cemil Uylukcu continues to convey the proWES Security education method to the private and corporate companies' security staff. Please contact for detailed information and seminar requests.