Cemil Uylukcu


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Sifu / Guro Cemil Uylukcu

- 1991-1995 Freestyle Wrestling
- 1995-1997 Muay-Thai, Kick-Boxing
- 1997- present WingChun Kung-Fu & Escrima


Cemil Uylukcu (born February 8th, 1983). His commitment to WingChun and Escrima started at an early age in his life. He is the Founder and Chief Instructor of proWES (profound wingchun escrima systems). His selflessness is a beacon to many new and old students, the passion of teaching the martial arts is, and will always be a strong drive in his life. Cemil was honored with the title of “Sifu” in WingChun and as “Guro” in Escrima style.



Turkish Wrestling ClubMartial Arts Background

In 1991 Cemil enrolled in Freestyle Wrestling, his father was an elite wrestler who inspired his son to follow his footsteps. Later, in 1995 Cemil also delved himself into both Muay-Thai and Kick Boxing classes. It was not until 1997 that he became fixated on the martial art called “Wing Chun, Kung-Fu.”




Si-hing Yuksel.

Cemil did not realize his first lesson with Si-hing (Yüksel Sönmez) would have such a strong impact on his life. From 1997 to 2000 Cemil trained with his Si-hing nearly everyday. These years were crucial for Cemil, he would be left with the responsibility of teaching WingChun in Istanbul, Turkey at the age of sixteen.




In the end of 2000, he met with Sifu Emin Boztepe who is a master of WingChun. From 2001 to 2011 Cemil continued his career in the EBMAS organization. At the same period he became private student of GM Rene Latosa and learned Escrima. In 2011, he founded “proWES”, which demonstrates Cemil’s passion of the martial arts.


Acting & Choreography Experience

Cemil currently works as a fight choreographer in Turkey aiding in action scenes for both TV series and movies. His work can be seen in the following; The Last Ottoman, Knock Out Ali, Unforgiven, Very Special Team, Armageddon, Class, Mission, Alia, and Day n Night, Separation, Dragon trap…